Improper windshield installation can lead to rust damage

Improper windshield installation can lead to rust damage to your vehicles pinch-weld. Usually the result of careless or under trained technicians. With our Cape Cod weather, we are more susceptible to rust damage than other places. That is why a proper windshield installation is so important.

Most insurance companies will not cover rust damage due to wear and tear, and most of the time damage is hidden and unnoticed by most consumers. Only years later when a new windshield is needed is the damage uncovered. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 212) States that With manual seat belts, retention must be not less than 75% of windshield perimeter. With passive restraints, or “air bags”, retention must be not less than 50% on either side of the vehicle’s longitudinal center line. This could mean you will pay out of pocket for any damage due to a poorly installed windshield to fix extensive rust damage.

At Cape and Islands Glass, our technicians are trained to not only install your windshield correctly, but also not damage the pichweld in a way that could cause rust issues in the future. In most cases we are able to repair rust damage and bring your vehicles integrity back to FMVSS standards. Don’t let this happen to you! Choose quality, Choose safety, Choose Cape and Islands Glass for your next windshield replacement.



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Did you know that Cape and Islands Glass offers windshield and side glass replacement on Motorhomes and RVs? We do! We have made it easy to file a claim and get your RV back on the road quickly and painlessly.

For more information, please visit

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Syracuse, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) January 11, 2011

The IGA will begin working with Auto Glass industry Point of Sale providers and other industry leaders in the development of an ANSI Electronic Standard

The Independent Glass Association (IGA), a trade organization representing the business interests of independently owned auto glass repair and replacement shops across North America, enthusiastically embraces the concept of introducing state-of-the-art technology and industry standards in its effort to level the playing field, as introduced by eDirectGlass in their January 7 press release. IGA Board President Alan Epley asserts that the need for technical standards in dealing with the aggressive behavior of some insurers and their surrogates is long overdue. “The opportunity to partner with eDirectGlass and other point of sale providers in this effort is both welcome and refreshing.”

Read the full Article here.

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Massachusetts has passed a new law requiring auto glass companies to comply with stricter standards and fines for insurance companies and third party administrators who steer customers to a particular shop.

some highlights:

(a) An insurer, insurance agent, producer, adjuster or third party administrator for such insurer shall not:
(i) require a person to use a particular registered motor vehicle glass repair shop for such motor vehicle glass repair;
(ii) use or employ unfair or deceptive acts or practices for the purpose of inducing a person to use a particular registered motor vehicle glass repair shop to provide motor vehicle glass repair services. Such unfair or deceptive acts shall include, but are not limited to, engaging in an act or practice designed to intimidate, threaten or coerce a person to use, or for having used, a particular registered motor vehicle glass repair shop;


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Repair your chipped windshield, it’s better for everyone

The next time you get a rock chip in your windshield, consider having it repaired right away. There are several reasons: 1) a repaired chip or crack is less likely to spread; 2) a repair is more “green” and Eco-friendly since it prevents your windshield from going into the landfill; and 3) it saves time and money (repairs only take 15 minutes and they cost less than a replacement – oftentimes they are free under your insurance coverage).  This article explains chip repair in more detail, but the thing to remember is get your chips or cracks repaired soon after they happen – it prevents dirt from getting in the crack and also prevents it from spreading.

The ability to repair stone damaged windshields was first invented in 1972 in Jackson Hole Wyoming by Dr. Frank Werner out of his frustration with too many rock chips in his windshield.  Over the years the technology has greatly improved to the point that repairs are fast, permanent and almost invisible.  A windshield is actually two pieces of glass laminated onto a plastic inter-layer. This inter-layer is also tinted which can help keep out harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your vehicles interior. The glass layers of your windshield used to be as much as one quarter of an inch thick – but today’s windshields have been made thinner to save weight and cost.  Unfortunately, this also makes them more likely to chip and crack.

“I have been driving for many years and have never had a broken windshield until now” is a phrase being heard more often these days due to the thinner product being applied to today’s vehicles.

If your windshield gets dinged by a rock and the damage is less than the size of a dollar bill and not directly in front of the drivers vision, consider repairing the damage rather than replacing the windshield.  The repair process is different depending on where you take your vehicle for service. Some repair facilities use large kits with bubble tops and really look impressive. Other shops may use smaller injectors. A successful repair is more dependent on the resins and expertise of the technician than the actual machine used to repair the damage. The sooner a damaged windshield is fixed the better the results will be.

The repair process starts with cleaning the damaged area from broken glass and small debris in the chipped area. Using a small diamond tip bit, a small hole is drilled down to the plastic inner-layer creating a nice cavern for the resin to flow into. Next the repair kit is placed directly over the affected area and any moisture can be drawn out of the crack using vacuum. Once debris and moisture are removed from the chip, a resin is applied to the injector and forced down into the crack. Gently massaging around the area on the inside of the windshield may help the resin reach tight spots by expanding the glass. After the crack is filled, a ultraviolet light is applied to the windshield to cure the resin. A filler resin is then applied to the damaged pit and also cured with UV light.

When properly done, the affected area will be less visible and much stronger allowing the vehicle to be driven without further damage to the repaired chip. For more information visit our website or call 800-540-7742

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Congratulations goes out to Dee S. of Orleans who won the Cape and Islands Glass iPad Sweepstakes last Monday. Several Facebook fans came out to participate in our pizza and drawing party. Our sister company Emergency Contractors also picked a winner Monday. Kasey J. of Sandwich won the iPad and was kind enough to stop by an say thank you. Way to go winners!

The iPad sweepstakes was our way to celebrate our Facebook launch and raise customer awareness of our social presence.  Stay tuned for future sweepstakes by visiting our blog and our Facebook Page.

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